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Collier Drug Farmington

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Wonderful service. So glad I switched from Wal-Greens. I broke my leg and wanted to buy Ibuprofen at drive thru (from Wal-Greens)'d have thought I had asked for the goose that laid the golden egg.

5 / 5
Sylvia Muskrat
2 months ago

Great location. The pharmacist are very nice. You will receive full respect, and medical help.

5 / 5
Joshua Stephens
9 months ago

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5 / 5


Jesi B
7 days ago
5 / 5

Decade after decade, Collier's really cares and is the best!

Diane Aday
1 year ago
1 / 5

I switched to Collier's in Farmington specifically because they deliver. However, it's been non stop issues ever since. After they pulled all my prescriptions from my previous pharmacy, when I called to get one refilled, they couldn't find me or my prescriptions at first... But finally found it on a desk. It hadn't been put in the computer even though they had transferred my prescriptions weeks earlier. They finally get this straightened out. They take my debit card information for my payment (I'm thinking copay!). Come to find out, they had lost my insurance information as well. I provided that to them again. I finally get my prescription... It was written as a 90 day supply, they filled it as a 30 day supply and put that I had 2.7 refills left??? I tried to transfer all my prescriptions back to my old pharmacy, but Arkansas has a one transfer law. They can't be transferred back. They also have my son's ADHD prescriptions, the paper copies! I called to have it filled and delivered. I was told it would be delivered Saturday. Tuesday, it still had not been delivered and he went to school without his medication. Their excuse? Oh, they must not have seen the note, but we did fill it! The whole reason I switched to them was because they deliver. But they are so disorganized and they ignore what a prescription actually says and just fill it however they want to. And delivery, well, that's hit or miss.

bryce Pittman
1 month ago