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Kilgore Inc.

4.4 / 5.0
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Great pharmacy, will help you find the generic version if available for maximum savings. Fast friendly service with a drive thru window

5.0 / 5.0
Rosie Gilbert
22 days ago

I went to Walgreens on providence because they are my normal pharmacy I fill my scripts from but when arriving they were rude and impatient with me because I didn’t have my sons insurance number. I went to kilgore’s showed them my script told them what happened at Walgreens and in the mist of me finishing my terrible experience at Walgreens they had my son insurance pulled up and already had begun the process to fill his script they were kind and so understanding 20 minutes before closing not to mention. They also confirmed all the details about the script and dose! to be sure I were in full understanding AMAZING ! I am definitely switching pharmacies and will continue my service here! Thanks to the kilgore’s staff I am able to give my son his dose on time and didn’t have to stress about the issue! HIGHLY RECOMMEND KILGORE’S!!!!!!

5.0 / 5.0
Julie Barksdale
5 months ago

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5.0 / 5.0

So very helpful, can get almost anything for my medical needs, and have a free delivery service and drive thru.

Nichole Nolasco
9 months ago
3.0 / 5.0

I have used Kilgores for quite a while however when we moved to South Columbia they could no longer deliver so we switched pharmacies. I had called back searching for an item when the manager I was speaking with offered me a deal. If I had all my prescriptions sent to Kilgores they could mail them to me and bill my debit card each month on the 3rd. I agreed and had all my prescriptions transferred to Kilgores. Since then it's been a disaster. I'll call to order my medications, everything will seem fine. They verify the address and I remind them days after I called my medication sin, I called Kilgores .to debit the card on the third. After over a week of waiting they still aren't in our mail. These are prescriptions that are essential to my health. I then find out that instead of debiting my account on the 3rd they did it early. Therefore my prescriptions were never sent. ...I spoke to a manager after this post. She set my account back up per my original agreement. Thank you.

Carrie Baker
3 months ago
1.0 / 5.0

Don't go here. Very rude and unlearned people! I gave them a specialty compound a "Cofactor of two nucleotides" to make for me and they told me "go and purchase it at Clovers Health Food Store". Like they would ever have it. Its a 5 hour infusion. Then I asked to speak to a compounding pharmacist and he told me the same thing "to go get it at Clovers". They treat their potential very learned customers like total Idiots!! Don't waste your time, because they are useless people!! This was on 7/30/19 The person's response below has nothing to do with how I was treated. There is no explanation you could give me that would make up for your peoples horrible treatment of me. You should have just apologized for your store, but that is too much to ask for too. Shame on you! You don't tell people to go purchase a product like this at a health food store that would never carry it. Talking to you won't explain your poor customer service. This is a product that would make you tons of money, but your team is too unlearned to know this!

Jay Scher
8 months ago


700 North Providence RoadColumbia, Missouri  65203


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