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Peoples Pharmacy #2

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Peoples Pharmacy #2
Peoples Pharmacy #2
Peoples Pharmacy #2
Peoples Pharmacy #2

Top Reviews

I have NEVER had a bad experience at peoples pharmacy. Pharmacist who care about you and great breakfast tacos

5 / 5
John Craig
5 months ago

My home pharmacy. They have lots of alternative medicine stuff here and good fresh (and prepared) foods for sale. Bathroom does not have a changing table for babies.

5 / 5
Miss Tiffins
6 months ago

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4 / 5

So many tablets, something for everyone? Found molybdenum and vanadium supplements

Alex Bevan
4 months ago
4 / 5

Great inventory. I get a medicine that they have to mix and as far as I know they are the only ones that make it at least in south Austin. Great place to find healthy foods and snacks as well as great resources on how to be healthy.

Alejandra Levy
8 months ago
2 / 5

I've lived in Austin over 30 years and have used People's from time to time. I should know better than to visit on a Saturday. Today I got a clerk who was rushed and in a bad mood. When I asked about a product he said, "We've got at least 4 things that do that, which one do you want!?" (NOTE: If I knew exactly what I wanted I would have asked for it specifically or just found it myself.) When I told him if he was too busy I'd look around myself he started walking around pointing at things saying, "Is this it? IS THIS IT?" like I was an idiot. I admit I"m older, fat and Latina. Maybe some part of that offended him. I was shocked by how rude he was but maybe he normally just works in the back and was forced into service on a Saturday. I left without buying anything as I got so rattled I realized I also hadn't asked about some other products I wanted and I couldn't bear to ask for help again. It had been a long week for me too. Decided I'll just try to buy my stuff online as it'll probably be cheaper anyway and I was looking at spending at least $100. At least the websites I use aren't rude to me directly :-). Two stars because they do have a decent selection & they're local. Only two stars because they are very unhelpful. Bottom line: don't go at a busy time!

B Garcia
2 months ago