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Anderson's Discount Pharmacy

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Anderson's Discount Pharmacy
Anderson's Discount Pharmacy
Anderson's Discount Pharmacy

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This pharmacy has friendly hard workers they are efficient to the best of their ability it is usually very busy. An individual can get your medicine at home. Call Anderson's pharmacy and ask for free of charge delivery service to your front door. I love that they provide this service especially since I don't drive. Thanks Anderson's pharmacy!

5 / 5
Tara Lazaravage
4 months ago

Always great. Very fast compared to larger pharmacies, in which you would think it would be the opposite. In this case smaller is better. I have used a few other pharmacies and have always came back to Andersons for one thing or another. The staff is great. I do not plan on going anywhere.

5 / 5
Victoria Goad
7 months ago

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3 / 5

It's been there forever. If you need meds late they are open.

eric gossett
1 month ago
2 / 5

Consistently just bad. The girls are sweet and try, but the pace is a) too busy all the time, b) disorganized, and c) not well-ran. They are slow, they mess up orders consistently, they're overworked and harried and it shows, and no one appreciates that over and over when you're sick or have already been to the Dr/ER/etc. You want to get your medicine and go home.

Ashley Deen
7 months ago
1 / 5

Very upset with the Cost of Medications Out of Pocket. Charged $62.07 for a Med that Medicare Charges $2.00. They refused to take any Insurance Cards or Reduced Med Rx Cards to assist in prices. UnFreakinBelievable!! I had to choose between No Pain Meds for a Month or No Money left til the Disability Check Comes in that is 8 Days Away. Very upset that although there were plenty of people working, they ignored the Drive Thru People waiting. They didn't want to discuss the Med Cost Issues despite The Cost being much less at Wal Mart. I'm disabled with limited funds so I KNOW the Cost I've paid for meds each month for over 3 years now. Andersons simply refuse to accept any Pharmacy Insurance Assistance Cards by simply stating they are a "Discount Pharmacy". So..... a $2.00 med thru Medicare cost me $62.07 because THEY are a "Discount Pharmacy" I'll NEVER Use them again & I'll tell they world how they Over Charge the Poorest & Disabled to pay for Rude & Dismissive Employees to Ignore those waiting for Medications.

Sisters4ever T
7 months ago