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Gate City Pharmacy-Greensboro

4.6 / 5.0

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Gate City Pharmacy-Greensboro
Gate City Pharmacy-Greensboro
Gate City Pharmacy-Greensboro
Gate City Pharmacy-Greensboro

Top Reviews

I have only been there once, but the customer service was fantastic. They also have a nice selection and reasonable prices.

5 / 5
Brian Gay
1 month ago

Phone service is incredible. Called them and the are waiting on my Dr's Office to respond to Rx. They have been all over it trying to get it approved. Much appreciated.

5 / 5
jeff spencer
9 months ago

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5 / 5

This pharmacy is a real gem. Affable and eager staff, and always-attentive and available pharmacists. I've had the pleasure of doing business with these folks for 15 years, and I regularly suggest that friends do the same. You should too.

Cliff Burts
11 months ago
5 / 5

Gate City is great. They are competent and willing to take care of all of your pharmaceutical needs. The staff are kind and pleasant, as well as knowledgable in the field of medications and general store products. I choose Gate City, although I live more than 30 minutes away for their speedy refills, brand name vs. generic options (which MOST pharmacies do not have.) Each time I call with a request, a staff member is eager to help. Im a satisfied Gate City Customer for more than 15 years! As long as they are there, I will keep coming back! Thanks Gate City for being so amazing!

Lauren Kanarek
1 year ago
1 / 5

Gate City has been mine and my wife's pharmacy for 14 yrs. As we've moved we've had to travel further n further away to get there. However, today I had the displeasure of speaking to the pompous and arrogant "owner," for the first time in all of these years. Eager to rush me off the phone he began whispering to other employees, then abruptly cutting me off, telling me "I think were done here." I asked who I was speaking to and he responded "I'm the owner." I told him I was shocked the owner of an establishment would treat Such longtime patrons like this." He replied, "Are we done here? I really don't want to listen to this." So, there you have it. Someone needs to teach this pompous child the meaning of "the customer is always right." Unreal experience.

Robert Goodwin
2 years ago