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People's Drug Store-Plymouth

4.2 / 5.0

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People's Drug Store-Plymouth

Top Reviews

People's is a great experience with the high-touch experience of a small-town pharmacy. You're not "just another" customer here. If you value customer experience and want someone who will get to know you, check out People's.

5 / 5
Sean M.
5 months ago

I just switched over to people's because I like the small pharmacy feel they know u by name and tk time to help u with anything u need I heard alot good things so I switched Ty people's

5 / 5
connie park
1 year ago

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5 / 5

This is the best pharmacy in Plymouth. Every employee is friendly, courteous, and helpful. I wish all pharmacies were like this place! I'm borderline hesitant to share such a positive review as I am a bit selfish in my instincts to keep this place leaning towards a secret...but only because they're so awesome.

John Kuntz
4 years ago
4 / 5


Johnny Vance
3 months ago
4 / 5


Bj Smith
8 months ago