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Ilab Pharmacy-Lancaster

3.8 / 5.0

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Ilab Pharmacy-Lancaster
Ilab Pharmacy-Lancaster

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Great all Around Customer Service My father Jonny goes there he said he finally found a Great Pharmacy That always has his Prescriptions by same day latest next day ! He's been wth ILaB since they'd opened THANKS FOR THE CARE THAT ALL THE EMPLOYEES SHOW ! 🤙🏻😁

5 / 5
Bret Ludlow
5 months ago

Helpful, friendly staff. Get ur prescriptions delivered or pick up when u need them. No wait, no hassle.

5 / 5
Artemio Valdez
8 months ago

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I was referred here by doctor patal it has been a nightmare ever since I came here And their prices are not that good if you look around at other places their prices are horrible

Jeff Daly
13 days ago
1 / 5

Here for 1 year~ The owner Sold Out to “Incompetent Unexperienced” Pharmacists who Unlawfully “Split Up” Your Scripts bc pharmacist isn’t up to speed on “Simple” tasks! After 1 year @ Over $5,000.00/ month for All of my Rx. New Owner told me off. Said go somewhere else? Bc I was out of town on family Emergency & Called Them 6 Times To “Remind” Them to order! They or He; didn’t have Anything Ready?!?! They Also bilked my Rx wrong to different insurer who put it on my credit as a “charge off”???? These idiots Fired the Only Good Pharmacist they had! Kiefer! And Hired Morons~ They lie to you, the never in 12 Months got it right???? When u take the Same 8 Meds Every Month I mean Seriously? Watch Out!! Shady practices, Lies, Incompetence, Illegal Script violations, and All the Rx Techs- have Absolutely No Single Clue About Anything Medical accept bandaids! Do Not waisted your Days with this Place!!! Elementary Schools have better Skills than these liars. Filed complaint with BBB, State Board. So Elementary shouldn’t even be Allowed to be open! Watch out to bc They’ll knowingly give you Medicine that YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO AS WELL!

Adam Carpenter
28 days ago
1 / 5

Seriously iLabs?!? I was outside 10 minutes before your lunchtime starts waving out you when you locked all your doors early that's complete B.S. and then you're gonna act like I WASN'T THERE F U

Aubrey Williams
1 month ago