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Horseshoe Health And Medicine

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Horseshoe Health And Medicine

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Frank, Jennifer and their staff are friendly, helpful and caring.

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Jennifer Wilkes
8 months ago

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This is the most inconsiderate group of people.They rented, thru Hospice, a wheelchair for my sister, before she died 3 weeks ago. They left us horrible messages about reporting it stolen, charging us for it, and many unkind words. It's a $150 wheelchair, but it was more important that they get their $5 a day rental price for it than to wait until we dealt with my sisters death. I wouldn't recommend this pharmacy under any circumstances, because "profit" apparently is their motto. Tech Jennifer left most messages, although I'd already explained to her what was happening. I've posted the messages for anyone to hear. Just go to YouTube and search under the pharmacy's name and you can decide for yourself what type of people they are.

David Rodgers
4 years ago