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Mcelroy Pharmacy Inc.

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Most friendly, caring pharmacy I've ever been to, besides Royers in Lincoln... They were open when all others were closed and filled my medications bc they, unlike other pharmacies, have all my medications in stock at all times... Its a distance for me to go, but they have recently become the only pharmacy I will use. And a couple months ago, I locked my keys in my vehicle. The pharmacist, among a few other in the Lititz community, were outside in the heat helping us until we could finally leave! I can't thank them all enough!😊

5 / 5
Brandy Newswanger
2 months ago

Great mom and pop shop

5 / 5
nicole whittemore
6 months ago

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5 / 5

Best compounding pharmacy. EXCELLENT personalized and timely service, with highly competitive pricing! I get medications for all my rescue cats, HERE.

Andrea Jo Robyak-Lauzon
1 year ago
5 / 5

My daughter got very sick over the weekend. We took her to the doctor's but by the time we got home all the pharmacies in town were closed. We called McElroy pharmacy and they opened the pharmacy just for us so my daughter could get her medicine. We are forever grateful to them and are loyal customers now! We couldn't think of going anywhere else.

Melissa Motz
2 years ago
5 / 5

Everyone from the pharmacists to the counter workers are extremely helpful and always very kind & polite! This is the kind of place your grandparents talked about when they say they'd go to the little store in town, where they all know you & WANT TO BE HELPFUL except they still have all of the up to date knowledge. So you get the best of everything in this pharmacy! I have never felt more welcome in a store then this one! I never have the long waits like at some other chains. The prices are better too! I would NEVER go to another pharmacy chain after going to McElroys! Thanks!

Michelle Doutrich
2 years ago