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New job HR headquarters

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Dawn Waite
6 months ago

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Yonnie P
1 day ago
4 / 5

Good business

Roman Pavlyuk
2 days ago
4 / 5

Tried working here. Only lasted six months because the job they created should have never been created. It was created to remove a few job duties from a coworkers. Found out I only had 10 minutes of actual work a week. The rest was figure it out your self. This should have been a part time position of 20 hours a week. Not full time 40. Training is figure it out your self or get fired. Requested training. Revived half a** training. Found it difficult to listen through her thick accent. Found it was still begin done by multiple other staff members. Found high functioning disabled with acute mental disabilities do not last long here. I believe I was "let go" for mine. If I wasn't in the process of getting it professionally diagnosed I would have taken this a step further than the unemployment office.

Ranee Apple
8 months ago
4 / 5


Fernando Melendez
11 months ago