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Health Spectrum Pharmacy-Infusion

2.8 / 5.0

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I love this pharmacy. There is always someone helpful to answer the phone, the people are friendly and they are always honest about the wait. I'm surprised other people are shocked that they have to wait in a pharmacy that serves tens of thousands of people.

5 / 5
Travonne Wiggins
12 days ago

I have been going here for several years with only good results. They have multiple registers and pharmacists on to help the speed at checkout.

5 / 5
Wayne Reinert
6 months ago

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3 / 5

Great service but the longest wait ever..and that's all the time..

Zoraida Rodriguez
5 months ago
1 / 5

The woman at the desk looked angry. I went and asked for a double electric breast pump which was covered by my insurance that I pay for myself. She and the man just gave me a look like I was crazy if they were going to give me such a pump that my insurance covered, they handed me something that I didn't ask for and didn't even explain, since they probably assumed I would just want a handout because of my skin color. Honestly that woman and man at the desk need to be set straight or look for a different job because they are full of hate and I was uncomfortable. I returned the device and just went online and ordered the machine which my insurance covered 100% of the costs.

Kiutee Kittee
6 months ago
1 / 5

My husband has taken same medication for years and every time he fills his prescription they never have his medication. They either don't have or only have partial amount. How can that be?

T Sabol
9 months ago