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Drug Loft Pharmacy

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Drug Loft Pharmacy
Drug Loft Pharmacy

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They are an amazing conscientious staff, they are always extremely caring, helpful, and pleasant. They truly make it personal for you and treat you like an individual not just as a number. They are the best pharmacy I have ever dealt with.

5 / 5
Izaiha06 Porter
1 year ago

They take back unused medecine to dispose of properly here. What a wonderful conscientious place. This is an extra service they pay for, and most pharmacies do not bother. Austria and other countries in Europe have been doing this for years.

5 / 5
Ilana Reich
1 year ago

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4 / 5

Extremely nice staff, and very helpful.

Chevar Francis
3 years ago
3 / 5

Very pleasant, and cooperative.

Gregory Moreira
2 years ago
1 / 5

You guys should be open on Sunday too.

jahid hossain
1 year ago