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Royse City Pharmacy

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They are always nice and will fulfill prescriptions in just a few minutes while you wait.

5 / 5
Brian Adamson
8 months ago

Incredibly caring and conscientious staff. They work with you, the doctors and the insurance companies to ensuring timely refills. They go the extra mile. As a disabled person the delivery service is a GODSEND.

5 / 5
Deidra Nexus
2 years ago

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5 / 5


Russell Summers
1 month ago
5 / 5

I and my family have been doing business with Royse City Pharmacy ever since we moved to Royse City ten years ago. Nancy, Tiffany, and the other pharmacists and technicians are always happy to see their customers. They are very knowledgeable about and skilled at their trade. The personal attention and care they give us is of the highest quality. They are always quick to fill prescriptions, sometimes amazingly so when they are working hard to fill prescriptions for a sudden burst of customer activity. The ladies who work the front counter are also blessings. I visit multiple times each month to pick up a variety of prescriptions for the five people in my family. As soon as they see me approaching the counter, Peggy and Barbara are on the move to retrieve my prescriptions from the sorting bins, knowing exactly which family member the prescription is for! I am all for getting the best value for my money, and Wal-Mart does a great job at what it does. Wal-Mart must be utilitarian to maintain their price levels. What is lost is the ability to create long term deliverer to client relationships. When working with Royse City Pharmacy, however, it is inevitable that relationships of that kind will develop. Whether Royse City gets their fabled Wal-Mart or not, Royse City Pharmacy will continue to be our pharmacy of choice. Royse City Pharmacy simply provides so much more value than simple retail transactions can deliver.

Bruce Morgan
4 years ago
5 / 5

Nancy is a GREAT PHARMACIST always answers my questions and really cares.. I find this much better than the box stores I hope this place stays around forever easier then going to the DR then CVS or Walgreens they just don't care!!! Highly recommend keep business local!!

Kenneth Strickler
4 years ago