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5.0 / 5.0


Richard Bernich
1 year ago
1.0 / 5.0

I have been a customer for nearly 17 years Nick one of the pharmacists always had an attitude but I ignored his obnoxious personality. Vinny the owner turns out to be the biggest wolf in sheeps clothing Vinny yelled at my wife and screamed at my 16 year old daughter. Goes to show you what type of man he is. Always chewing gum like a Cow. I never do reviews but today I will take the high road & write the review instead of going to his old dirty outdated store to tell him off things will escalate Real fast. I will never recommend this store to anyone. Karma what goes around will certainly come around for these 2 clowns. These days every customer counts so they just lost my entire family.

robert ivers
7 months ago
1.0 / 5.0

wish I cud give 0 star to the new staff member who is the oldest one, always chewing something in his mouth, talks with high attitude as if he is the President of USA.other staffs are polite except him.He doesnt even know how to talk to a lady specailly who is pregnant. I was just discusing about 1 prenatal (X) and wanted to know its price with coupon but ordered for the prescribed one (Y).But this over-smart fellow ordered (X). When I went to collect the prescribed one (Y) ,he gave me X and instead of accepting his fault, he starting shouting on me,not listening to me,making fun of my statements.I wish I cud have took my phone with me there and called me hubby right there to teach him how to talk to customers.Very frustrating fellow.he spoiled my mood.He could have confirmed while finalizing the order if I want to order for the prescribed 1 or the 1 for which I was just inquiring the price. Also, how can he ordered the non-prescribed medicine? With bad experience today, now I am switching to other pharmacy store for all our medications.He lost one valuable customer like me.

Rani Juli
1 year ago


524 South BroadwayHicksville, New York  11801