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Chandler Drug-Clanton

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Good, Friendly, "Home Grown" Service!!

5 / 5
Sondra Hill-Greene
8 months ago

Love, love, love them. Wonderful, courteous, respectful. My pharmacist for life. ♡

5 / 5
Cassandra Conrad
2 years ago

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We used to use Chandler Drugs for all our medications. But, no longer. When the pharmacist yelled out, "Well, it's a $5,000 PA number" where the whole pharmacy can hear you, it's time to leave. First, the med was insured. And, it's extremely inappropriate to yell out the cost of medication. The one other time, a female cashier said loudly how much a certain medicine was and then how much it was after insurance. There were others in line who heard it all. Very humiliating. No proper employee or pharmacist would be letting others in on what medicine we take and how much they are before and after insurance. We left and never went back.

7 months ago