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Friendly Pharmacy-Deale

3.4 / 5.0

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The pharmacist and staff are always very pleasant , knowledgeable and helpful. They always have my prescriptions ready when they say it will be, so its always quick to get in and out with usually no lines or wait. Plus they know me and my family on a first name basis. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

5 / 5
Samir Rizk
1 year ago

great pharmacy

5 / 5
john hakim
3 years ago

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3 / 5

This is not a big chain store, so do not expect to see a CVS-like pharmacy/superstore. It is close to home so it is convenient, but their store hours are not.

Christopher Seaton
5 years ago
2 / 5

I have been going to Friendly's over the last few years simply because of proximity to home. Every experience has been less than average, but my visit night was horrendous! I called early in the day to confirm that the pharmacy had received the prescription from my daughter's pediatrician for 3 medications. I also asked if they had all been filled. The person on the phone was hard to understand and was not polite...but that didn't bother me too much. Then I left work early to pick up my daughter's prescription before I grabbed her from the sitter's house. When I got there, they started to ring me up and then told me they didn't have one medication in stock. It would have been a good time for them to tell me this when I had called earlier. They also never apologized for that and instead told me to come back tomorrow. The man was very rude, and ignored me after I paid when I wished him a good evening. There is another pharmacy (Deale Pharmacy) that is a stone's throw away. When I went there, the staff was very friendly and very helpful. They called Friendly's and got the prescription transfered and filled in no time. I woud HIGHLY suggest that with new, direct competition so close, Friendly's would watch how they treat their customers. BE FRIENDLY... there's a tip, go look out at your sign for a reminder. They've lost a costumer and if they keep treating people the way they treated me last night, they will hemorrhage many, many more!

Lindsay Bittinger
4 years ago
1 / 5

Pharmacist was extremely rude and had a bad attitude.

Alyssa O'Neill
3 years ago