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College Care Pharmacy

3.7 / 5.0

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College Care Pharmacy
College Care Pharmacy

Top Reviews

Great pharmacy. Cool little store inside as well.

5 / 5
Samantha Claire
3 months ago

The pharmacist is very best and knows a lot. I had a problem with one of his employees by the name of Anna I think she has a British accent. The pharmacist went above and beyond to make sure things got fixed. He cares about his clients immensely. I had given the pharmacy 1 stars but when the pharmacist went out of his way to make things right had to change it to 5. He is very smart and caring. I read all the reviews and I'm pretty sure all the bad experiences come from her. Mine did. The service that everyone but Anna deliver is top notch. Because of her, I was going to never go back but the pharmacist is too good and nice not to. He told me to just ask for someone else if she is there. If you have any issues just talk to him its worth it!

5 / 5
David Baum
6 months ago

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4 / 5

A pretty cute place. I went and the power just went out in the area and they explained to me thier difficulty. The guy there was really sweet and well-mannerd. A little pricey but thats because I had a medication that had to be compunded to a tiny amount.

Angie Ajanel
1 month ago
2 / 5

Use Amazon for DME. College Pharmacy is TWICE as much. Delivery driver was late. She called me at 530pm on a Friday to get the correct address then she didn't deliver my order. I called her at 915pm and she said that she had the wrong address even though we already spoke with each other. She went back to the store, which she said was already closed to pick up the DME.

Michael Charbonneau
1 month ago
1 / 5

This place sucks. Purchased a $48 wedge pillow for back support. It was wrapped in cheap, saran-like plastic. Got it home, removed the plastic, and tried it out. It was uncomfortable and wasn't going to work for me. Tried to return it, and was told I couldn't because I'd "taken the plastic wrap off. Are you kidding me?! They were so rude and dismissive - for a funky pharmacy with a lot of weird crap for sale, I'm wondering how they stay in business. I'm downright suspicious how they make any money

Nina Anderson
10 months ago