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Thompson Pharmacy-Intown

3.8 / 5.0

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Thompson Pharmacy-Intown

Top Reviews

Excellent customer service by a friendly, helpful staff . I'm glad I switched to that pharmacy !!

5 / 5
John Buterbaugh Sr.
9 months ago

Great pharmacy they are very nice and they fill your scripts very quickly!

5 / 5
Kelsey Houck
1 year ago

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4 / 5

Great staff

Melissa Fisher
12 days ago
1 / 5

I went there Saturday to cash my check and load it on to a prepaid card. The woman at the counter didn't know what she was doing and I walked out with 65$ cash and 200$ on my card off of a 450$ check! When I told her she was wrong she brick walled me and said I'd have to wait until Monday to talk to a manager. I will be there as they open Monday and if it's not handled within the hour I will be reporting it and calling the police. Horrible customer service and reasoning in general.

Michi Sutton
11 months ago