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Plain City Druggist

4.6 / 5.0

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Plain City Druggist
Plain City Druggist
Plain City Druggist
Plain City Druggist

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Very nice home town pharmacy

5 / 5
Eileen B
7 months ago

This is the best independent pharmacy in Central Ohio! Locally owned & operated you get friendly personal service at the Plain City Druggist. I became so sick and tired of the cold and unfriendly treatment I was getting at a large grocery store chain's pharmacy and decided to try this place out after a friend recommended them. That was about 14 years ago. When I walk in to the Plain City Druggist I don't get the cold stares & shoulders I was getting at the chain, despite going in there 4x a month. Instead they say my name and are happy that I'm there. Don't keep supporting the large chain pharmacies or chain grocery store pharmacies - support your local independent pharmacies! They live and hire from within your community. Check them out. If Plain City isn't convenient for you there are two other locations. West Jefferson and another in Columbus.

5 / 5
8 months ago

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5 / 5

Awesome people. always willing to help with any questions or problems.

Mary Howard
1 year ago
5 / 5

Been a customer at Plain City Druggist for years. Yes, the "big name" pharmacies may be open 24/7 but how many know your name? What medical conditions you have? I used to get my prescriptions at the Kroger Pharmacy in Dublin but there I was the "next" customer. At the Plain City Druggist I'm addressed by my first name (and the smile is free!). I had an incident some years ago where I accidentally took two of the same medicine. Instead of calling 911 I called the pharmacy and explained what happened. They put me on hold to alert one of the pharmacists and within 15 seconds I was speaking to Joe Craft (pharmacist/owner). His calm voice asked me a few questions and determined that no real harm was done. I felt like an idiot but that small bit of reassurance mattered a great deal. And that's why I give them my business. Because with them, it's all about REAL customer service. They know nearly everyone in the area and they treat us all like family. And the dollars we spend at this business are used to support our local economy--rather than some conglomerate in another state--as well as providing local jobs.

Denise Holmes
4 years ago
3 / 5

The pharmacists were friendly and knowledgeable. The waiting area has about 5 chairs and a kiddie area with some coloring books. There are plenty of things to look at. The space to stand in line can get a little crowded and they need outlet covers over the outlets that are literally right next to the kid table, but overall a nicely stocked and clean place to wait for meds or shop for little knick knacks.

Emily Johnson
18 days ago