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Circles Of Care-Rockledge

2.6 / 5.0

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I have been going to the Rockledge COC for a number of years. The staff has always been polite and helpful. The only times that I have witnessed conflict there is when people coming in are ill tempered and combative. If you are genuine in your search for help I would recommend this as a place to start your road to recovery.

5 / 5
Jane Bowenn
1 month ago

Not knowing the total circumstances of the people who gave negative reviews, I must disagree with them. I have been to several facilities who treat behavioral conditions, and based on my views about the others, this Rockledge office is top notch. The receptionists are all polite and professional, and I always look forward to seeing Patricia to mess around with her some more. I recommend you get to your appointment 15 minutes early, as is requested, or you might get politely reminded of their policy. Because of Patricia's forgiving attitude and playfulness, I sometimes think of coming a bit late just to get scolded by her. Dr. Bethann Mahoney is very good at listening, is compassionate, competent, and professional, and makes you feel like you are important to her. The pharmacy has always filled my prescriptions promptly, and has always offered information about the prescribed medications when it is asked for. The place even provides it's clients with a bottle of water while they wait their turn to be seen. And I notices that there are tissue boxes and hand sanitizes all over the waiting room. I jokingly wonder if they have concerns about where I've put my hands, or what might come from my nose. I sometimes think clients and patients can prosper from positive attitudes and behaviors. I also think clients/patients are responsible for making sure they understand what they think they hear. It helps to understand things correctly so that a fair observation of performance can be made.The service industry is not in the business of being a source for people to vent their frustrations and angers on. They are humans too, and diverse the same respect you expect from them. I highly recommend this facility. I hope this detailed review is helpful to others.

5 / 5
Scott Irons
1 year ago

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1 / 5

Spent 20 minutes on hold, when the receptionist picked up and heard me crying she told me to get a grip and call back when I can make sense.

Mai Finney
1 month ago
1 / 5

I wish I could give this place 5 negative stars. Extremely rude! Go anywhere else but here. Its part of the kangaroo court!!!! They get kickbacks from the court n state to "fix" your kid they messed up if you catch my drift Take warning!!! Please don't take your kid here.

Sara Rosbeck
2 months ago
1 / 5

It appalls me that this horrific place receives even modestly pleasant reviews. Circles of Care treats you like absolute dirt. I say this from personal experience. I myself have gone there as well as several family and friends. I did not have a choice when going here but that was the law. I do not argue with this because it was what had to be done. However, it is absurd to treat patients there like they are worthless. More then half of the employees there treat you like you are nothing and tell you what little worth you have. How is this supposed to help someone who is struggling with depression? I met a girl there who had been there 3 times. She told me, "They make you want to kill yourself while you're in here that way you don't want to do it when you get out." This is absolutely wrong and this place did not help one bit. Instead, I had to go to Orlando in order to attempt to resolve the psychological distress that I was experiencing. If you have a choice, do not go here and do not send your child here! They are a significant amount of better options in comparison to this disgraceful place. All they want is your pain. It is important to note that you do not feel safe in these conditions. You are surrounded by people who have completely different reasons for being there. Some people tried to hurt themselves, others tried to hurt other people. One person I met was even there for a stupid senior prank. This is not the place you want to go. Stay away! You will be scarred for life.

Olivia Yoh
1 year ago