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Josh Miller
11 months ago
1 / 5

It saddens me greatly to write this. I was looking forward to keeping business local and not take it to someplace like Walmart. But they were the one's that forced my hand and made me make the switch. First off, they charged me so much extra for my generic prescriptions and I learned later that they shouldn't have. When I was having my prescriptions renewed from my Doctor, they were not putting my insurance information through correctly and not for at all for one, they were even making it seem like it was MY fault. I had to make so many trips back and forth to the store, and calls to insurance. And it was their fault when they admitted that the cashier wasn't putting in the information correctly, and they didn't even offer an apology, they just stated that was what happened. It was an unnecessary headache. Also, after speaking with my insurance, they stated that they were not supposed to be charging me the fee that they were making me pay. It even came down to my insurance calling them on the phone to speak directly to the managing Pharmacist to figure out what was going on and why they were charging me so much when they shouldn't have been. The insurance company stated to them that there were even alternatives medicines that they could give me, but the managing "pharmacist" flat out refused to offer it. The pharmacy even told the insurance representative that they refused to give a refund when the wrong charge was indicated to be in their error. The insurance company said that they never spoke to a pharmacy that was so unwilling to help a client. I never truly felt comfortable in their store, and sometimes it seemed as though I were putting them out. They never had my prescriptions when calling them in, and I had to wait a day or two for the store to get them. They lost my business, permanently. I won't go in there, even for the smallest of things, no matter what it is. After making the switch to Walmart, the service there was so much better, nicer, way more professional. And here's the kicker, they don't overcharge me, and some of my prescriptions are fully covered, which they are supposed to be. Isn't that an irony, the big corporation were't the ones that I should've been avoiding, and the small one was treating me like I was expecting the big one to. I've hard similar stories from others, and I can't believe a local store in a small town would be like this to its customers. I say this with a heavy heart and a caveat to others.

Belladonna Vetrano
5 months ago