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I really like this pharmacy. They are so pleasant to deal with. I am so pleased that they deliver, it makes it so much easier for me. I am switching my other prescription to them as well. They do a great service.

5 / 5
Carolyn Carley
3 months ago

Best pharmacy in Hawaii!! Great staff and love the service.

5 / 5
Aaron Trager
4 months ago

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5 / 5

These guys really are the best...and I have been to them ALL!!! My meds are sometimes hard to find elsewhere but Open Door usually has them and will even DELIVER them right to wherever you might on the entire island! For FREE!!! Wow. And all employees especially Kevin, but Angel and the owner (MICHEL?) are super polite, professional and make you feel like a friend who they are genuinely happy to see! The pharmacist while notably serious and to the point, is usually as accommodating as she can be when faced w/a difficult call. I really appreciate she takes into account my being a regular and loyal customer. As a bonus, they have small kine snacks, soft drinks, water & coffee for sale in their lobby which is great after just having to battle that crazy Nimitz Hwy traffic!!! Good luck all!😎

Keoki Heller
1 year ago
2 / 5

If you need controlled substances timely don't use this place! Once they screw up your schedule, which is regulated by the government, by delaying your delivery due to ordering time combined with weekends, holidays, etc, you are screwed. They delayed one of my orders by 5 days a few months ago because of these reasons and it just cascaded. When you don't have your medication on time, because the doctor only gives you exactly enough, you either have to find someone you can 'borrow' some from or live in excruciating pain. But if you borrow, you'll never be able to pay it back because from that date on your schedule changes at this pharmacy. I cannot afford to live with this pain without my medication because of their issues. Also, multiple times they have tried to deliver my medication and I wasn't home which also delayed delivery. They did not call ahead to let me know what time, let alone what day, they were delivering. I will now find another company that can get me my medication.

Donna Y
6 months ago
1 / 5

Will not fill meds for self pay customers. Recently moved here. They apparently think all self pay customers are drug seekers. Being treated for chronic condition (Cancer survivor) and would not fill pain med among other meds. Not sure where their pharmacist went to school, but I had a legit RX from a legit doctor for a legit condition. Shocked by their refusal to fill med. I understand there is a current problem in the U.S, but no excuse for us legit patients. Thankfully went somewhere else and had it filled no problem. Why give money and business to a staff that picks and chooses who they want to help? Unethical practice IMHO.

Kosar 19
1 month ago