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Palisade Pharmacy

4.2 / 5.0

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Palisade Pharmacy
Palisade Pharmacy
Palisade Pharmacy
Palisade Pharmacy

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I have been a customer for years now and they always have fast and friendly service. I really prefer a small pharmacy and this is one of the best.

5 / 5
gavin vankomen
6 months ago

Their prices are very competitive. Associates are friendly and helpful.

5 / 5
Brenda Turnbow
9 months ago

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5 / 5

This is best pharmacy in the valley , they are all so willing to help, friendly and go beyond to help their customers

Michelle Cox
1 year ago
5 / 5

I love this pharmacy! They are always helpful, they look out for their clients and are very quick. I rarely ever have to wait more than 5 min unlike some the big box pharmacies and stores. This is definitely a home town pharmacy.

Anne Baker
2 years ago
1 / 5

One of the most disorganized pharmacies I have ever run across. A friend of mine called to ask that some medication be mailed to her in Canon City where she is visiting her son. The pharmacy conveniently "lost" the note with the request for the medication to be mailed. Later, they miraculously found the note, but stated the instructions were to mail the medications two days BEFORE she ran out. A request was made for them to overnight the medications, which they refused to do telling my friend (who is on a fixed income) that she would be responsible for the $25 dollar fee. I explained several times that my friend is on blood pressure medications and has had a heart attack and that it is imperative that she get her medication in time so that she does not run out. Again, I was told - although it was admitted to me that it was the pharmacy's mistake that my friend would be responsible for the $25 fee if the medications were sent overnight. And, because they had already put the medications in pill pods, they would not be able to transfer the medications to a pharmacy in Canon City. I worked in Mental Health for several years and have NEVER had a pharmacy refuse to rectify their mistakes and willingly send medication to someone, especially in an instance when not taking the medication could result in a possible hosipitalization. Great customer service, Palisade Pharmacy!

Elizabeth White
5 months ago