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Health Center Pharmacy Inc

2.9 / 5.0

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Health Center Pharmacy Inc
Health Center Pharmacy Inc
Health Center Pharmacy Inc
Health Center Pharmacy Inc

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Excellent service from the staff and dr. Chen is the best doctor there is. Right now he's the only doctor running things there until they're able to find more doctors other than the interns there.

5 / 5
Kimlan Dennis
19 days ago

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4 / 5

Short wait for once. Love my grand-daughter's pediatrician.

Steve Schlackman
16 days ago
2 / 5

That place sucks they always have a new way of doing things And their female receptionist on the first floor is horrible It's a place now where if you don't need it you should never go there There's another doctor's office on 54th Street acid treating you like the human there so much better

Timothy Caldwell
12 days ago
1 / 5

First of all they answer calls extreamly slow I waited 10 minutes and then a lady answered and asked me to hold again I've waited in there for 3 hours before just to get a signature for a basketball physical they don't allow people to walk in anymore they expect you to wait until January for a common cold appointment I just got an x-ray this passed Friday and now these doctors are giving me a hard time seeing my doctor for my results the lady's at the front desk are horrible theyre only there for the money because their attitudes are horrible they need to close this bum ass doctors office and fire everybody and start this whole thing over

MoneyBeforeFame Trillastacks
1 day ago
1 / 5

The Management team at this site are incompetent! Alot of doctor's come and go in the place because of it! You wait hours and hours to be seen. The employees here work hard and are never recognized for the work they put in. On the other hand, the pharmacy staff are always pleasent here !

Jeannie Reyes-Olmeda
3 months ago