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Family Pharmacy-Flint

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Fast friendly and very helpful with filling scripts for my Aunt.

5 / 5
Tina Graves
3 months ago

This is a good pharmacy because you can drop your medication script off and they will take it to your house if you can't wait at the store that's a very nice thing they do plus they care for their customers

5 / 5
Violet McPherson Jackson Bagent
10 months ago

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5 / 5

Excellent customer service! I recommend using this pharmacy over Rite Aid who gives the most terrible service of all pharmacies I have ever used, I had a blood pressure medication faxed to Rite Aid and it never got filled 😡 I just called to pick it up as I only have today's dose left and was told I had to contact my Dr for a new prescription that my other had expired and it's been less than a month the prescription was faxed to them. I had this medication faxed to rite aid because it's within walking distance so from now on I will only use Family Pharmacy and will ride my bike if need be. Thank you for being such a great pharmacy to get things done properly Family Pharmacy, I truly appreciate your timeliness and services!

Tiffany Kinnamon
1 year ago
5 / 5

This is one of the best pharmacies in the greater Flint are by far. Friendly staff, fast wait times. I've never had to wait more than 15 minutes, unlike the pharmacies where it takes 2 hours to fill 1 prescription. If you have questions they are there to help and not belittle you. Truly one of the best.

Kile Sayer
1 year ago
1 / 5

This pharmacy is terrible, Avoid this place like the plague, went to see if they could fill my prescription I wanted to find a local family place instead of going to big chain stores. Boy was that a mistake she was so rude to me treating me like I was a criminal, all I was trying to do was support a small business. Anyway they didn't have what I needed ended up going to big box store and got my prescription with no issues, just wanted to let people know my experience here so they wouldn't have to go through the same experience, avoid family pharmacy in flint MI unless you like being treated like trash.

Jake Miller
1 month ago