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Healthpoint-Redmond Pharmacy

3.4 / 5.0
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Extremely helpful doctors. Friendly pharmacy. Absolutely recommend.

5 / 5
Garrett Bemis
1 year ago

AWESOME customer service from Danielle (medical assistant) when I came in a few days ago- I would have been $300 in the hole (insurance billing) if she had not gone above and beyond to figure out what some tests were going to cost out of pocket. She was friendly, experienced and I left feeling relieved and assured. Thanks Danielle!!

5 / 5
Amber Rodriguez
1 year ago

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4 / 5

Long waits but good place

Paul Zenone
3 months ago
1 / 5

I'd give a 0 star if I could. I'm not that type that just came to this place once then write a complaint. I've been with them for several years now. They were okay at first, very nice and talkative staff and then one of my filling that I had for 2 years from my previous dentist fell off, so I got them fix with Health point. The filling only lasted 1 year and then it fell off again and after that it's just downhill from there. Today is 09/05/2017 and it is my 4th or 5th time getting the same filling done under 2 year period. And they're not very nice about it either! I just got out of the dentist office and writing this review because I am so mad and disappointed. I asked the dentist "did you do something different this time, so it can lasts?" He just said he doesn't know. Not coming here ever again! Seriously let me save you some time don't come to this place! Go somewhere where you can trust your dentist to do a good job on you and where you'll be stress free.

Merry Ruat
2 months ago
1 / 5

The medical side of Healthpoint is Great!! The dental on the other hand was Terrible!! A month ago I went in for a broken tooth that the dentist was aware of. I explained that the place they referred me to had not contacted me for approval on my wisdom teeth and I need this other tooth pulled seperatly as I am in pain. The dentist prescribed antibiotics and said to reapply to other place again so they can pull my wisdom tooth and this other tooth at the same time. Another month went by I had not heard anything and at this point I'm in excoriating pain. I went in for a emergency apt waiting a few hours. I explained that at this point i need this tooth pulled now. I cant eat, i cant sleep and they've had me wait long enough. The dentist takes more x rays and ask to consult with my dentist I seen previously, she comes back and tells me They are not pulling the tooth. (Mind you they just pulled a patient's tooth next to me and scheduled a man to come for an extraction as well) They said they will write me a referral to UW but I need to go in UW as an emergency then go back and make an apt with them . The dentist at healtpoint again prescribed me antibiotics. I reconfirmed that I did not have an infection and according to my x rays the nerve is completely exposed now and that is the cause of the pain. They agreed and yet told me to take antibiotics. When I was leaving the dental assistant said "well we could pull your tooth but want you to go to another place". I am appalled at how this dentist office doesn't listen to what the patient is needing. State insurance or not as a patient I am telling you what I need and have to have done . How do you allow a patient to leave In that much pain ? How do you have no heart or empathy for someone you know has been in pain because you keep referring them out waiting for approval and allowing the tooth to get this bad and you won't take action to fix it. This is an awful place with rude employees. I have not had one good experience yet with this office. I called another place ICHS and asked for an emergency apt they got me in within a hour of calling and actually making an apt, took me back right away, asked me how I felt, what I wanted done and agreed to pull it. They did an excellent job and got my tooth numbed and pulled within 15 minutes . The dentist said he would have worked through his lunch to make sure I got this tooth pulled. Now that right there is a great dentist who cares about his patients.

Caroline Woody
8 months ago