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Trinity Care Pharmacy-Baltimore

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Sylmar Rosemond
1 year ago

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This used to be a 5 star pharmacy until the original pharmacist/owner either got sick, sold the place, moved away, or whatever happened. The young lady at the front used to be very nice and very courteous. That is, until our last visit. The young lady was very nasty, and I had to check her on how she was speaking to my mother, who she used to joke with when she filled her prescriptions. The lady got highly offended when we asked her where the pharmacist was. This was our second visit, and he still wasn't there... that was unusual. You could tell that her behavior was linked to the fact that the pharmacist was absent. She tried to pretend like she wasn't offensive when I called her out on her behavior. My mother and I left and we now get our prescriptions filled somewhere else. I also found out later on that she over charged me for my prescription.

Domenika Ringgold
3 months ago
1 / 5

Worst pharmacy I have ever had to deal with. I work for a pharmacy and had to verify insurance information for a mutual patient. The pharmacist hung up on me twice and started yelling at me. The pharmacist said he would only help us if the patient spoke to him. I called back with the patient on conference call, but before the patient could say a word he was already yelling at me and hung up. The patient tried to call in and the pharmacist would not answer the phone. The patient left a voice mail and the pharmacist was still not being cooperative.. The pharmacist is short tempered and not compliant and I hope he does reflect how this pharmacy is run.

Joshua Avery
8 months ago