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Very bad experience. If I could give them zero stars I would. We ordered a platform walker and a platform for a pair of crutches. They only sent the walker. I had to call to get the crutch platform. We did receive it via mail the next day, as they said. However, not all parts were included. According to the manufacturer, I needed a crutch bracket to attach the platform to the crutch. This bracket was not included. I called DynQuest to request the bracket, they would not send one, indicating we didn't need one and could attach it without the bracket. I contacted the manufacturer directly via live chat, and they said I could not attach the platform without the bracket. I called Dynquest back and told them as much. They told me they'd have to call the company themselves and call me back. This is where I'm at as we speak. If you don't have to deal with them, I suggest you find another company.

The Purple Almond
6 months ago