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Places for people has been the best thing to ever happen for me in my life. I was near death. Places for people came in at the right time . They have awesome teams that help people wanting to help themselves be a better person than they were yesterday . They are encouraging , helpful, show empathy , compassion and tough love . I am still struggling with my issue s, but through the team that I work with I have learned how to cope and deal with it . I went from hopeless to hopeful . The other clients I met always had an encouraging smile and a nice word for me , and i am not a very social person so that was a big stepping stone for me to even be sociable with groups of people . I have housing now because of them . I was homeless and on the streets. So I have come a long way. You have to WANT to get better. When your team sees that, they help you with all the resources they have available for you. And for that I am forever grateful .

5 / 5
Shon W
3 months ago

Thanks places for people for helping me be independent with myself #BESOCIAL

5 / 5
5 months ago

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Mathew A. Koeneker
1 year ago
5 / 5

These people know humility compassion and kindness. If you're in need give them a call.

Jeremy Ledford
2 years ago
1 / 5

I was seeing one of their psychiatrists. I clearly explained "I am an addict." Somehow, I managed to con the doctor out of a "small" prescription for klonapin. I never filled the script however, it only re-inforced to me, that the doctors are not in their profession for my well being but for their pocketbooks. One is too many, a thousand NEVER enough.

Maria Terry
2 years ago