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Best ER visit I have ever had. I've had a lot of them too. Reception went quickly and smoothly. I waited only ten minutes before my nurse, Paul came to take me to a room to be seen. All medical information was confirmed. He was funny, friendly, and 100% professional. Paul is a top notch nurse. Dr. Wilcox was thorough and intelligent while also being approchable and friendly. I'm having surgery in 9 days and it was imperative that my infection be handled immediately. Paul and Dr. Wilcox addressed every concern. I was also provided with a very extensive and thorough list of resources for follow up care that addressed all concerns and even answered questions I did not think to ask at the time. Paul even told me where to find a pharmacy that not only accepted my insurance, but was still open that late at night on the day before Thanksgiving. I forgot my jacket, Paul made sure that was returned to me before I made it to my car. Absolutely the best care I have ever recieved at ANY Emergency Room ever. My infection is very painful, and that was acknowledged and addressed without any of the "normal drug seeker eyeroll" treatment. I recieved excellent pain management. I see other reviews here that state otherwise, but my experience was very different as my pain was acknowledged and addressed in a thoughtful and caring manner. When they asked me if I'd like a bit more help with pain management I said yes please, in complete surprise as I fully expected to not have that issue addressed at all. The infection was causing the pain and the pain would obviously reduce in a day or two with the antibiotics. I was given my bottle of pain relief to take with me, label on bottle, and received my first dose of antibiotics before being released. That was something very thoughtful that I've not experienced in an ER in over 20 years. I was treated like a human being by the ENTIRE staff. I definitely recommend this facility and will return whenever I need emergency medical care. My entire visit, from walking in the door to walking out to my car was less than an hour. Amazing.

5.0 / 5.0
Maddie Jollycats
1 month ago

I was having a mini stroke and they had gave me 4 chewable aspirin and in a ct scan with in 10-15 minutes of my arrival and kept me over night to make sure everything was good. I am greatful that this hospital is so close to my home. I let my family know if ever I need help again for them to make sure they take me to Bethesda.👍

5.0 / 5.0
Ruby Freeman
5 months ago

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4.0 / 5.0

Such a nice staff of nurses. I received very good care.

Andrew Hancock
2 months ago
2.0 / 5.0

I left Bethesda Butler Hospital $1366.00 later with blood work results and a script for an anti-inflammatory med. A week later I still had the pain behind my knee I went to the ER for. My regular doctor solved my problem with a script for $7.00 worth of steroids and no office visit. I guess I should be grateful they reduced my bill to $888.00 because I don't have insurance. I have to add that the ER bill was in my mailbox before the pain was gone in my leg! I'll know if I'm eligible for financial aid in 3 months. That department is running a little behind. SMH

Dan Gierse
7 months ago
2.0 / 5.0

Went to the ER on a Friday for knee pain and I was sent home with anti-inflammatory meds. 1 week later and I'm still in pain. The staff was fantastic and the doctor was patient and helpful, but that was an expensive visit to still have to see another doctor to get the issue resolved. Calling the hospital resulted in a polite, "Sorry for your luck come back through ER if you want another diagnosis."

Dan Gierse
7 months ago


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