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West Trenton Pharmacy

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Local. Pleasant staff that treats you like family.

Brian Stout
9 months ago
1 / 5

The pharmacists at West Trenton Pharmacy are rude, inconsiderate,insensitive to theirs customer's needs and they LIE about calling the physician when necessary. We are still waiting for them to call our physician regarding a prescription vital to our medical condition since 01/18/07. After getting no response from them,(we did check: THEY NEVER CONTACTED THE PHYSICIAN, WHOM THEY SAID THEY ALWAYS CALL), we went to Forer Pharmacy in Princeton, who contacted the physician as they promised, and we went home with the medication necessary for the treatment of our illness/condition. This was not the first time we were so disrespectively treated by West Trenton Pharmacy. They have never been helpful and after repeatedly being mistreated by this most unknowledgable staff we transferred all of our medications, which we have refilled monthly to the 20-25 minute drive to Forer Pharmacy in Princeton. The pharmacists at Forer Pharmacy are patient,considerate to our needs, and most importantly there to help you, not turn you away as West Trenton Pharmacy is in the business of doing. West Trenton Pharmacy must be doing so well that it does not need any patrons. We went to them asking for help, not only did they rudely refuse to help, they lied about calling the doctor. They left us in a vulnerable situation without medication we desperately were in need of. We could have suffered serious complications due to their negligence!!!! They deserve less than a star of any kind.

A Google User
10 years ago