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Tampa Road Pharmacy

4.5 / 5.0

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Tampa Road Pharmacy
Tampa Road Pharmacy

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Outstanding pharmacy care team. They care about every single patient; will never go somewhere else

5 / 5
George Adel
7 months ago

Over the Top Customer Service... My moms meds were lost in the mail--- Ramez delivered meds in person to my Mom t her Assisted Living Facility! These Pharmacists really care! You do not see that kind of effort much these days. We love Tampa Roads!!! Thanks so much. That loving touch is awesome!

5 / 5
Jill Obrochta
8 months ago

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5 / 5

George and his crew are fantastic! I'm not used to this great service bc I've always used Walgreens and Walmart but they are by far Suberb to any chain pharmacy and I'm sure any other pharmacy in the area! Him and his wife are so friendly and so kind! Always fast! I've literally had my prescription done in ten min before! They are wonderful!

Katie Holden
1 year ago
5 / 5

Great Pharmacy. They are so nice there. If you can't make it in they will deliver to you and prices are cheaper than walgreens and CVS. I highly recommend using them. Kerri H.

scott hickey
2 years ago
1 / 5

When I asked to fill only the meds I needed they refused. Forcing me to fill several prescriptions I did not need because I had them at home and also was updating all of my prescriptions with doctors. I hadn't updated them in years and wanted to make sure I still needed to take them. I also take pain meds and because of this tampa road pharmacy refused to fill them unless I got the ones I no longer needed. So I left them and went back to my old pharmacy. Because I left them for trying to force me in to buying prescriptions I did not need or were being changed they supposedly reported me as a drug seeker. I only found this out when I had confronted them recently about being disappointed in their tactics and how they were trying to force me to fill prescriptions I no longer needed. That's sad that a pharmacy can stoop to such childish levels. Also the girl that works there lied and said she was there talking to me the day I went in. That's a flat out lie. There was one man when I walked in then a second man who I believe is the owner came out from the back. No one else was there. So they clearly got together and reviewed my account after this happened and came up with this lie to try and get me in trouble. Well too bad for them because I've only ever been to 3 doctors in 11 years. And 2 were because I moved to another state. I even went back to my original doctor 3 years later when I moved back to Florida in order to make sure my records were as accurate as possible. I have always only used one pharmacy to fill all of my scripts in order to prevent any issues. I have never filled my meds early or even tried. Never ran out early, never lost them, never doctor shopped never done anything wrong. So they clearly are just trying to blackmail me. Think twice and avoid this pharmacy at all cost. I've found medications being filled that my doctors say they did not authorize. I am still investigating this trying to obtain records showing proof they were authorized but so far there are none. If I am able to find records then I will update this review to reflect accurate and true information. I'm not here just to get back at anyone. I was worried they would do this when I left. I had this funny feeling that they would try to report me simply because I took my business els-ware and even told a few friends this. And sure enough according to them they did. This is not right to cause a patient of an illegal act with zero proof simple because they chose to leave your business. Be warned. They are all smiles until something goes wrong then you are screwed.

Steve S
8 months ago