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Davila Pharmacy Inc

3.4 / 5.0
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Davila Pharmacy Inc

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This pharmacy is one of the best by far! Creating a home feeling environment and always taking care of the community around by giving on christmas, to charity, just always paying the favor in return! I would recommend this pharmacy to anyone without a doubt.

5 / 5
Health by Anthony
4 months ago

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1 / 5

Horrible service ...first of all check your meds they give you someone else's meds and then threaten me to bring them back cause i i will be in trouble ...customer service are very rude ..

Reyna Reyna
1 day ago
1 / 5

Horrible service unorganized staff they're all a joke. Just a big waste of time.

Vladimir Rocha
9 days ago
1 / 5

Waste of time they tell you something over the phone you get there and then they can't help you

Roger Gaeta
1 month ago
1 / 5

Nasty experience Rosette Davila is mean, rude, man beast. That place can go far if it loosened up a lil. I see the employees and they look like there on crack and whack. Mr Davila needs to re-overhaul that place for sure. There's crackheads, prostitutes and johns around that place. I saw a woman walk in got some condoms and started giving oral sex in the parking lot. Heres to the Davila Pharmacy team keep prostitution great again.

Robert Johnson
5 months ago