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Koerner-Whipple Pharmacy

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Koerner-Whipple Pharmacy
Koerner-Whipple Pharmacy

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5 / 5


Erica Freesemann
5 months ago
5 / 5


Lory Villalobos
1 year ago
2 / 5

very rude!! the person who answered the phone asked I will see fi anyone wants to talk to you when I asked for the Pharmacy Manager

Robert DeHaan
4 years ago
1 / 5

I'd stay out of here unless you want to get falsely accused of shoplifting. I was in the store a couple of days ago browsing the clearance rack. I no longer drive so I walk to the shops in town and carry a reusable shopping bag to put my purchases in. I'm standing there looking and the sales clerk comes up to me and says"I think I want to look in your bag" I promptly open the bag so she can look in, revealing to her the contents , which were 3 fountain drink straws from an earlier lunch outing. She looked in and promptly walked away. I stood there a moment letting it all sink in. Then I turned and asked " Is there some particular reason you felt that you needed to look in my bag?" And she very arrogantly replied " Yes, because I thought I saw you put something in there." I thought about that for a moment, replaced the items back on the shelf that I was going to purchase,and turned to go. As I was going I told her that was no way to treat a customer and I come in there often with my bag, as I walk to the local shops, and that I wouldn't be coming back. She said " I'm sorry you feel that way" Again in an arrogant tone. So I left and proceeded down the street to Cornerstone Cottage and Orange Possum where I also shop regularly and the bag is not an issue. I made my purchases there and they were happy to get my business. So if your new to Hampton or just passing through, do yourself a favor and go to Rick's Pharmacy

A Google User
6 years ago