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Yorktown Pharmacy-Yorktown Heights

4.4 / 5.0

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Just started going there because they deliver to my elderly mom (and others of course) for free which CVS does not do. Everyone is very nice an polite and patient. I remember the old Rexall and miss that huge wooden front door which was there for years, but apparently someone slammed into it and it was replaced by a less impressive one. Nice place, good service, love all the "doodads" to look at. Like it a lot!

5 / 5
Holly Dee
1 year ago

Ignore the long, barely literate rant below and be sure that this place is great. Always been treated well. Never a line more than one deep, and always attended to within a few seconds.

5 / 5
Scott Carson
1 year ago

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5 / 5

The pharmacist and staff at Yorktown Pharmacy have always been very helpful and friendly. I find this pharmacy to be much more efficient than many others that I have been to. The wait time is generally very short. I recommend this pharmacy to everyone!

Amanda Wiechert
1 year ago
4 / 5

Good service from a local establishment

Alan Kroeger
7 months ago
1 / 5

This is an appalling situation with Rexall, I have shopped there twice, I was not so impressed with the service. When the teenagers serve the customers,they are nice and easy to handle with.but,when it comes to the Pharmacy,this is outrageous, The Indian pharmacist, is an 'idiot',this man litterally barks and insults customers.If he likes one.then, that one becomes his favourite,if not,he speaks to in such a hostile manner,bringing you down to the lowest level,It then, becomes a problem because of not beig able to retrieve one's medicine..which is then,being delayed by this guy. This abuse has to be stopped. This is not India,where people are being treated like animals and thrown into a corner, This is America, where he himself has been employed to serve others. in a fair and respected manner. If..he cannot speak to others,in a decent way. Then.."Get the hell out. I have been told this by my friend who goes there for their medicine,time and time again of being mistreated badly. So. If this Indian does not shape up with his attitude. I am pleading with everyone to take their business somewhere else. See how his xxxxx feels how to be laid off. We , the people here are not Bullocks, that you beat with a stick to pull your crap,but,simple and sick people who depends on their medicine to live on.How would like to be treated in the same manner of which you have given.? Besides, you are not the Boss,or owner.and if you were. I would thrown you down the polluted river Ganges,where you belong.,Shape up jerk.

Angelina Pereira
2 years ago