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Group Health Pharmacy-Clifton

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5.0 / 5.0


Jessica Brefeld
3 years ago
1.0 / 5.0

I did not have had this bad experience even in a third world country. Somehow their(outpatient pharmacy of Good Samaritan Hospital " computer system "chose to malfunction twice in a row to show the doctor's refill order. When you get to the elevator of this HOSPITAL, you see a fake politically correct picture on the main ELEVATOR of a Muslim Hijab wearing nurse that is holding a minority black baby! Okay now you could walk all over other patients, because your propaganda department has a fake diversity photo on one of your elevators. How in the whole world that is gonna fix your mismanagement and incompetence?! We were over there for 2 hours, ladies and gentlemen, for straight 2 hours to get our medications of Friday and at the end of the day they promised us that they will get the rest of the medications on Monday(today) Today, they repeated the same unprofessional excuse for their mismanagement and incompetence and blamed everything on their uniformed data center! They thought, because we had unusual names, they could walk all over us and pretend they had no idea what the problem was. I had to go twice to the doctor receptionist and ask for a clarification, she then told me that the doctor had already ordered the refills. Every time I go back to the pharmacy, they gave us a fake smile and give us the same degraded bargain of few diabetes pills thinking that I was born yesterday. Thinking that I was some guy jumped off of a floating doll, so they could treat us like one. Not knowing, that I was an investigating journalist and a local politician running for public office! I will contact my lawyer and the city hall, I will contact their legal department. And they will be "soyyee" (sorry) that they treat every unfamiliar name or face the same. They will understand why we the people fired the politically correct liars and replaced them with politically incorrect honest professionals!

پژواک ۱۱:۱۱ The Echo 11:11
a year ago


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