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Long's Drugs of Lexington

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Incredibly friendly staff! Longs offers a cozy, welcoming environment. They give each customer a personalized experience without judgment and they do it with haste. Much better experience than CVS or Walgreens. There is even a T.V. and Keurig in the lobby. Love this Long's!

5 / 5
Vanessa McCullough
2 months ago

Great service

5 / 5
John Mcclelland
11 months ago

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5 / 5


Henry McCullough
15 days ago
5 / 5


Joanie Baker
1 month ago
2 / 5

I'm a healthcare provider, longs drugs refuses to fill prescriptions because I was out of state. I was a student on clinical rotations but they did not care. I want a drug store to not just immediately turn me away, even with my student and hospital id . I understand the role of pharmacy and trying to protect the general public as well as prescription fraud but you have to have more of a reason than just out of state

alan benda
1 year ago