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Massey Hill Drug Co.

4.5 / 5.0

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The pharmacist there knows his medicines, i love asking him questions because i know he will take time out to help you any way he can. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

5 / 5
Patricia Mcrae
6 months ago

I absolutely Love this place!! It's one of the fastest pharmacies I've ever dealt with, & they have some of the nicest staff there as well! I highly recommend trying them out!!!

5 / 5
Franklin Hines & & Alicia Jones
9 months ago

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4 / 5

Nice people to do business with.

6 months ago
3 / 5

Homey and deliver your meds to your doorstep

patricia braden
7 months ago
1 / 5

My fiancé is in a wheelchair & unable to walk due to Gilliam Berre syndrome. Yesterday she rode her electric scooter up there from Gillespie St. When she got there she needed to charge her scooter, she politely asked the cashier if she could plug it up somewhere out of the way, the cashier told her to ask the pharmacist. The pharmacist told her "No, we don't do that, we can't charge anything up for anyone". Isn't a pharmacy's job to help those of us who need help? She wasn't asking them to do anything, just to allow her to back up to a plug & charge her scooter herself so she could get home... We have no cell phone at this time so if it would have died on her, especially in Massey HIll she may have been in serious trouble. In conclusion due to the detestable, cold, heartless nature of the employees the store has permanently lost our business, as well as our family, & a few of our friends who we have told about this. Boooo to the store & it's rude employees.

Clarinda Cox
15 days ago