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Del Norte Pharmacy

3.8 / 5.0

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I'm so impressed w/ the quality of the people at Del Norte Pharmacy! They are unfailingly helpful and polite. Better still, they're accurate! The pharmacy has special-ordered prescription medications and medical equipment for me, and they have been knowledgeable, helpful, and priced competitively too. Even when busy, they are quick - and they actually have seats where I can wait.

5 / 5
Elizabeth Guss
2 months ago

These folks are so incredible! I've been going here for a year, maybe a bit longer. They are super kind and personable, very fast too! Love it! I recommend them to everyone!

5 / 5
Bethany Mellas
3 months ago

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5 / 5

Great and extremely fast service. I have bounced around pharmacies all over New Mexico and have not found better prices or service.

Lizzie Griffis
5 months ago
3 / 5

Took a perscription to this pharmacy on a Friday, the person there said they could not make up this script for 3 days, and they don't work on Saturday. I think her name was Lisa. I called around and found another pharmacy that would make up the compound on a Saturday and asked Del Norte to send the script to the other pharmacy. The very sarcastic employee at Del Norte said "you aren't going to get anyone to fill this on a Saturday". I did find someone to make up a compound perscription on a Saturday and would not reccomend Del Norte, nor would I take any scripts there. Use Medicap.

Ruth Lackey
5 years ago
1 / 5

Rudest people on the planet. Go elsewhere.

Cary Brown
1 year ago