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Glover Drug Walker Baptist

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Glover Drug Walker Baptist
Glover Drug Walker Baptist
Glover Drug Walker Baptist
Glover Drug Walker Baptist

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I'm one week post surgery, the hospital and staff were excellent in my opinion. I stayed one night, the nurses were terrific! And when the doctor said I could go home, I was in the car in 15 minutes! Also the doctor, Dr. Autry did an awesome job. I haven't needed one pain pill. She's a very nice, concerned doctor who ALWAYS sits down and listens to patient concerns. I recommend her and the hospital 100 percent! Darlene S.

5 / 5
Darlene Swindle
3 months ago

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3 / 5

Emergency room sucks . Some good doctor's in the medical arts building

Scott Wade
1 month ago
1 / 5

They treat everyone like they are drug addicts and show no compassion for the disabled or people in chronic pain! Apart from dieing I would not go there.

Kat Lemon
1 month ago
1 / 5

Emergency room staff are just plain rude. My husband was on the 2nd floor He needed to walk around to get his blood flowing so we walked down the hall to emergency room. He got dizzy while there and I asked for a wheelchair to get him back to his room and was going to bring it back the lady told me we don't give out wheelchairs. She was rude and should pick a different profession because a good nurse or receptionist would have got him a wheelchair. Getting out of that chair was not going to hurt you sweetie.

Amber Townsend
4 months ago
1 / 5

Don't listen, About allergies. Went in for ingrown hair that became infected. Lanced and cleaned. Told them that I am allergic to the medical tape they brought in, to have nurse tell not to worry. It's a safe tape. My skin blistered and peeled due to the tape.

Lisa Doede
6 months ago