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The Prescription Center-Beverly Hills

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The Prescription Center-Beverly Hills
The Prescription Center-Beverly Hills

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They are really fast and super helpful

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Diana Otoya
10 months ago

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My first couple of times using this pharmacy was excellent. They seem to work hand-in-hand with one of the doctor's offices in their building, so they were eager to obtain a prior authorization that was needed and handled what is usually a 2-day process in a matter of about 15 minutes. Fast forward a month and I decide that I want to start using this pharmacy for other medicines I take monthly, outside of the GI meds I had filled here a month prior. Everything worked smoothly - I was able to send them my prescriptions for two months and they worked on obtaining prior authorizations and ordering the medicines they did not have. I picked up my prescriptions without incident, though they do not have a system that accepts FSA cards (in my case a pre-loaded debit card that pays for all prescriptions that are coded as RX) and I had to pay out of pocket and then file with my insurance company; but this was not a big deal. This month I wanted to send my new prescription to them so that they could order any medicines they do not have when the time comes to refill (12 days from now, per insurance requirements) and also obtain prior authorization for a new medicine because my doctor now wants me to take brand name only. I was met with nothing but resistance and was told about policies I have not once heard before. "We don't accept prescriptions for controlled medications (Concerta/Ritalin) via fax or email." Funny, because that's how you accepted it last month. "Well, it's too early to fill anyway." Ok, but I submitted two months of prescriptions via email last time and you held both prescriptions and filled the second one when the time came. For whatever reason, it seems that now this pharmacy cares more problems than solutions. I'm not asking the pharmacy to break any laws (that I know of or that they haven't already broken - I have no clue what the actual law or rule is), I'm not asking for them to fill the prescription ahead of time, etc. I simply asked for them to accept the prescription via email like before so that I save a trip to the pharmacy only to drop off a prescription and be told that they A) don't have the medicine in stock and B) need to obtain a prior authorization. The scanned version of the prescription is simply to act as an alert ir a "heads-up." Why does it ever make sense to waste someone's time? They will not get anymore of my business. I always support local businesses, and especially pharmacies, over big-box retailers....but I will have to take my business elsewhere now.

T. Kyle Bridges
10 months ago