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Pierce Family Pharmacy

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I love this pharmacy! When I was transitioning jobs I did not have insurance for about a year. I had called around to every chain store to see about refilling my prescription and was told by every single one that it would be over $200! I thought for sure that it would not be any better here but I thought what could I lose by calling. I was told just under $20! I thought that they had misunderstood me so I spelled it for him and he said "yes, that price is correct" Needless to say I was overjoyed. I have insurance now and still go here even though I have moved and it is now out of the way. Outstanding customer service should be rewarded with continued patronage even if it takes a little extra time to get there.

5 / 5
Nicole Morin
8 months ago

They filled my prescription. What more could you ask?

5 / 5
Flame Speak
8 months ago

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If I could give it a no star I would. The pharmacist hung up on my mother when she was trying to find out if they still had a prescription of Cylert the doctor had prescribed to my daughter previously when she had no insurance. She has since become covered under my BCBS plan and she wanted to see if my insurance would cover the medication under my plan. We were unable to afford the medication while self pay due to the high cost. When I heard from my mother about this I myself called to speak with the pharmacist and explained how I didn't appreciate him hanging up on my mother that she was only trying to get the information for me. his reply was "she was rambling, and had my staff running around for 30 minutes I'm not going to speak with you." And hung up on me not even completing his sentence......really? Well Mr. Pharmacist, it is rude to hang up on a customer period. And even if she was rambling its your job!!!! she was trying to obtain information which you should be able to provide (you're a pharmacy right?) I will not be going back to this pharmacy. I had my prescriptions transferred to another pharmacy who is in the business of helping people get the information and medication they need in a nice polite way. AleshaLucas Patterson Ga.

alesha herring
10 months ago