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Hazlet Pharmacy Inc

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Hazlet Pharmacy Inc
Hazlet Pharmacy Inc
Hazlet Pharmacy Inc
Hazlet Pharmacy Inc

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Love the staff!

5 / 5
8 months ago

The staff at Hazlet Pharmacy is fantastic! From Jerry the pharmacist to Pat at the front desk...they are not only professional and knowledgeable, but are quick to offer a smile and some kind words. Jerry and the other pharmacists always take care of their clients, despite roadblocks with the insurance companies, where they, will find an amenable way to rectify the problem. Pat, Rose, the Annes, et al are wonderful. I leave the premises always with a smile (and usually with some great finds from the array of distinct and different gifts). I highly recommend this pharmacy. Thanks to all!!!

5 / 5
Lisa Dinklage
9 months ago

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5 / 5


ad ad
1 year ago
5 / 5

I just wanted to write in to let you know how thankful I am to your employee ,Pat, for her kind gesture the other morning. I was visiting Hazlet Pharmacy and the next door Casual Male to pick up cards and a present for my husband's birthday. I went into Hazlet Pharmacy with my newborn twins in tow hoping to get in and out quickly without fussing from the twins. Of course, that dIsn't happen. When they started fussing and crying, I attempted to rock and pacify them the best I could while looking for cards for my husband. It was next to impossible. Well, Pat must have seen me struggling. She came up to me and chatted with me asking if it'd be helpful if she rocked the carriage back and forth while I looked for the cards. Well, yes, yes it was! Pat rocked the boys, the exhausted overwhelmed momma got to search for and buy cards from both herself and her boys for their father, and his birthday went off without a hitch. She was so kind for helping me out and she went above and beyone that day, I just wanted to make sure she knew how much it was appreciated and if she has a boss/owner, I hope they know what a great employee they have in her. Thank you Pat and thank you Hazlet Pharmacy for employing such a kind hearted person.

Theresa Reinel
2 years ago
5 / 5

love this pharmacy so sad when i moved havent found another place like it ... the pharmacist were always helpfull and nice they always took time out for any questions i may have ... even the woman that work the front always so nice greet you with a smile and i love all the great things in their store ... they have so many wonderful things like dog breed statues and they carry many great names like lenox yankee candle and such ... wish they had a place down were i live now

Tiggy N
3 years ago