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BEWARE! **not sure the kind of stunt that they are pulling at Linda Rx Pharmacy, but I would never come back here, nor recommend this place to anyone! Please beware! and make sure that the elders in your life, aren't being scammed like this!** [VISIT #1] I have been to this pharmacy once with my dad to drop off a prescription for him after visiting his doctor next door. I found the staff to be very stuck up and snobbish; apparently, I didn't get the same service everyone on here gushed about.... We waited for a really long time for them to verify my dad's insurance because they were having a lot of trouble. Eventually, I told them that it is fine, and that we will contact the insurance company and see what is the issue is, and would just come back at a later time. Before we left they offered to sell us the medication at retail value, we politely declined. (there was nothing wrong with the insurance, we've had this insurance and been using it for years elsewhere [in both california and texas!]) [VISIT #2] My dad actually came back again by himself after a doctor's appointment, and apparently they were having some trouble verifying again. Instead of telling him they aren't able to verify his insurance, they told him that his insurance card is ONLY valid at hospitals... for him to get his prescription through insurance he would need to go to a hospital or he can buy it at their pharmacy for retail price.... My dad called me and i told him that was just complete nonsense! [SOLUTION] I took his insurance card & his prescription ACROSS THE STREET from them to Target, 10 minutes later I got the meds and just paid $10... rather than triple the price they were offering. Last i checked, Target wasn't a hospital.....

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5 years ago