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Queen's Price Chopper #4

3.9 / 5.0

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Queen's Price Chopper #4
Queen's Price Chopper #4
Queen's Price Chopper #4
Queen's Price Chopper #4

Top Reviews

I don't go here often, but a nice supermarket, good selection and friendly people.

5 / 5
Julie Humphreys
11 days ago

Always a pleasure. Easy to shop, and great prices! The cashiers are friendly, too.

5 / 5
Laura Jones
21 days ago

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5 / 5

Stopped in for a few things. Was out the door in 20 minutes. It's always pleasant and the PC employees always have a smile for the customer. I like that!

Kitty Wilson
2 months ago
4 / 5

The people are friendly, the price is right. Great little shop with very friendly staff. There is a constant grouping of things on sale and great discounts and special offers. They are a small store so the selection is limited but for all of your average grocery needs they are fantastic.

Robert Frazier
4 months ago
1 / 5

#1 To buy a money order (at this store) you MUST sign their log book, after they take your money ,but not tell you before.... Am i a drug dealer??? buying smack? ..stop insulting your customers. #2 The cashier said ,cash back,no problem. After i hit the credit button, she said Oh ! you can only get cash if you hit debit.... #3 I returned a box a of sweetener packets to the service desk With yesterdays receipt. She said "Its been opened" ......dud yeah! She dragged her feet about giving me a $ 3.79 cash refund. She wanted to refund my ATM card to check and see how many "open box" returns i may have had in the last six months. when i never saw her before in my life. Everyone knows you can't trust a SENIOR CITIZEN and the so called "Good Reviews" are written by school age EMPLOYEES who got their first job there.

1 month ago