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Medicap Pharmacy #8230 Norwalk

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Medicap Pharmacy #8230 Norwalk

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Extremely fast, efficient, and the staff is so helpful and friendly! Have had all of our Rx transferred here. Highly recommended!

5 / 5
Heather Williamson
1 month ago

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4 / 5

Great customer service. I wish the hours were longer.

Shane Cherniss
6 months ago
1 / 5

I transferred all of my husband and I's prescriptions here when we moved to town just a few months ago. I did so for convenience and also to support a local business. I personally came in to ensure they had all of our information, watched the employee write everything down and verified it was correct. I am disappointed to say that transferring to this pharmacy only caused a great deal of inconvenience for various reasons. I transferred every prescription (4 total) yet they claimed they never got one of them when it was time to fill it, yet I watched them take it down in person. They claim to not have our insurance information repeatedly, despite me giving them this in detail, in person. They do not have my spouse's birthday, despite me giving them this, in person, before ever filling a prescription. Most recently, the system is down and we can either pay retail today or come back in 2-3 hours? I know things can get missed but they are not apologetic, friendly or helpful, despite all of their errors. I would love to say that my local pharmacy has made life easier but it's only added unnecessary stress and frustration and I'll be transferring our scripts out.

Ivy Boyd
2 months ago
1 / 5

I've been going to this pharmacy for years and this morning I had the worst experience ever! The manager Stephanie Fenster and Katie Hassbroek are so unprofessional and rude! I went in to get my prescription and I said I called about an hour ago and Katie made a smart comment loud enough I could hear and Stephanie was trying to get the "guy out of the freaking driveway" I get their computers were down but this was no way to be treating customers

2 months ago
1 / 5

Absolutely ridiculous! it took 6+ hours and 4 calls throughout the day to get my prescription for something as simple as swimmer's ear, and got told countless times when I called they were filling it. Even as I tried to tell the to move the prescription if they couldn't fill it, they told me it was being filled when it was going to be another 2 hours until I got my medicine.Id rather drive across town then go to the norwalk pharmacy again.

Kennedy Ellis
1 year ago