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Rancho Park Pharmacy

3.4 / 5.0
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Rancho Park Pharmacy
Rancho Park Pharmacy
Rancho Park Pharmacy

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love shopping local, and they delivered on all needs. super polite, professional, compassionate - called dr for refills, called me back quickly. give them a chance, i hope you will be equally as pleased.

5 / 5
Lisa Tyler
9 months ago

Rancho Park was the only one of 12 pharmacies I called in the area that could order my very uncommon prescription for me and get it within 2 days. The other big chain pharmacy I called told me it would take two weeks. They're wonderful and have great customer service. You won't be disappointed.

5 / 5
Keeley Tarter
2 years ago

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4 / 5

constant turnover of staff. new people often ignorant. poor system for picking up prescriptions. often the staff can't find them. automated telephone notice does not notify when an order is completed, so multiple trips may be necessary. on the plus side, staff are friendly and helpful. having post office is a plus. efficient in contacting doctors. bottom line: good but improvement needed

S.M. Jacoby
1 year ago
2 / 5

Does NOT take AMEX!!

Joshua Dillow
4 months ago
1 / 5

Called in the morning to have a prescription for my cat. My vet faxed the prescription no later than noon. I called 2 hours later and was told the script was in but I had to talk to the supervisor as to when it would be ready. He would call me when he returned from lunch. No call. I called about 4:00 and a rep or manager, his name was Rob, said the prescription just got in and it wouldn't be ready until Tuesday after 5:00. Rob was quick to take my financial info to insure the med I needed 5 days earlier, the morning of, would be paid for. I called AHS pharmacy on Palms and Overland and they would have it ready in an hour and a half. Cancelled my order at Rancho Pharmacy. Guess who gets my business now?

Robert Villasenor III
1 year ago