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Oakdell Long Term Care Pharmacy

3.6 / 5.0

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Oakdell Long Term Care Pharmacy
Oakdell Long Term Care Pharmacy
Oakdell Long Term Care Pharmacy

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I have yet to have a bad experience with OP. They have worked hard to get my special compound medication ready for me within a day. Everyone here is extremely nice and helpful. I will continue to use them as long as I need their services. I highly recommend.

5 / 5
Shea Dudley
4 months ago

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4 / 5

Friendly, helpful staff. I receive an automated call when my prescription is ready for pickup. Has a nice gift shop inside for those unexpected gifts.

Susan Marquez
1 month ago
4 / 5

They had a lot of useful items there. Not what was looking for though. They were customer friendly on the phone when I call before heading over. When I got there I walked around no one was available to help at the time.

3 months ago
1 / 5

Just walked in to look for an item, was not greeted or even looked at. One woman smiled and said hello as I was walking around looking but didn't ask if I needed help. When I approached one of the workers who was apparently busy stocking items she ignored me, so I asked the woman next to her for an item and she didn't know if they had any or where they were. The initial lady stopped fiddling with her box and took me over. I asked her a question and she said she didn't know and walked away without offering to find help or answers. I just put the item back and walked out. May as well buy it from Amazon and save some money. Would have liked to support a local business instead but they're clearly too busy with merchandise to talk to the customers who want to buy anything.

Amanda Mitchell
2 days ago
1 / 5

there seems to be only one person that actually cares about their customers. one pharmacist always seems rushed and doesnt give you the time of day. the girls behind the back counter are always complaining about customers, yes thats right i hear them complaining about customers ALL the time! only one lady actually seems like she likes her job the rest of them could care less about you, your prescription, and making sure things are faxed or taken care of. no one calls me back if i leave a voice mail when they cant answer the phones. dont get a delivery because it wont show up when you want it to, and when you call to check on it they say its on the road when its not, and when it is on the road it takes forever to actually get it. the only reason i use this pharmacy is because they take my insurance and can make my prescription but tomorrow im going to another pharmacy and seeing if they can handle my prescription from here forward. im so done with oakdale! its been a nightmare since april.

Rotary Addiction
15 days ago