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5 / 5


Thomas Anderson
5 months ago
4 / 5

I found them very accommodating and helpful. The nurse practitioners there were very nice, professional, and patient getting the right combination of meds to manage my medical conditions. They are a bit dubious when having to work things out with insurance companies.. but other than that, a good experience.

Charles Clampett
5 months ago
3 / 5


Joe W.
5 months ago
2 / 5

I sent my daughter who is sick and I was worried she had strep. The clinic saw but first it's wasn't a doctor but that was ok, the NP wanted to know why she didn't have insurance and made her feel really bad about it . If she would have had insurance she would be at a doctor's office. The NP told her she had ear infection and was going to give her a high price antibotic and my daughter ask her not too. That she didn't have that kind of money. My daughter has tried to get insurance but at over $400 a month it is not going to happen. The NP needs to ask Trump and the drug companies why she can't get insurance. She may go to a Doctor once a year. When you are sick and not at your best is not the time to chastise someone about crappy insurance. Thank you

Stephanie White
7 days ago
2 / 5


sheba parker
1 year ago