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Antlers Pharmacy

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Antlers Pharmacy
Antlers Pharmacy
Antlers Pharmacy

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Very good caring pharmacist and clerks.

5 / 5
debra gann
26 days ago

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Burkhart Funeral Service
8 months ago
4 / 5

Nice persons

minibox ghost
4 months ago
1 / 5

I tried this pharmacy and here is my experience. I have new health coverage and never filled a prescription in Antlers before being new to the neighborhood. The PA at my doctors office recommended Antlers pharmacy. They filled my diabetes medicine Metforhim. I received my prescription on Friday and did not use it until saturday because I had some pills left from my revious prescription. I did not know how vital these few precious pills would be for me. On saturday I arose late because sometimes my medical conditions do not allow me to have restful sleep. I am severely handicapped with diabetes, epilepsy, sleep apnea, cervical dystonia, diabetic neuropathy and many other chronic medical concerns. I even have four screws holding on my head. I opened this bottle of metforhim and took two pills. I started smelling this odor of extremely rotten fish. The type of odor you get when fish guts are left in a garbage pail for a week in the hot summer sun. Then I felt a burning sensation in my mouth and thoat and immediately my stomach became very upset. I did not at first realize what was occuring because I was still woozy from my sleep medication and started looking for what was causing this horrid rotten fish odor. I closed the metforhim bottle and the odor went away. I opened the bottle again and sniffed this medication I paid for from Antlrs pharmacy and realized the rotten fish odor was coming from the bottle of medicine which I had already taken two pills. By the time I realized this it was after noontime and the pharmacy was closed. Since taking the pills I felt extremely sick and almost vomitted twice. I have had very bad flatulence also. Today sunday I woke up and had a crust along my lips which I never experienced before except when having an extreme cold virus. Now I have a sore in two places in my mouth also. I am also dripping urine which has never happened before in my life.I do not know what is wrong with these pills but I will get an answer. I will not attempt to get an answer from this pharmacy because I know these pills have now caused me other medical issues that will cost me money and time to resolve, if I can ever get these new medical issues resolved. I only hope I do not have ginigivitis from these rotten pills and lose my teeth. I do not understand how the person dispensing these pills could possibly think any medication having the horrid odor of week old in the summer sun rotting fish is acceptable to dispense let alone sell. If I have to travel to my senator and governor to get an answer I will. You see my wife was murdered by medical abuse in a Florida hospital last year and I will no longer tolerate "accidents" like this. They are not accidents but medical abuse. I was almost murdered twice last year by medical "accidents", now I fight back with every peaceful resource available to an American civilian author which are few. How dare you. My name is Todd Box and am the only author on this planet with that name so I am easily found, so an excuse of not resolving this because not finding me will be as these pills. Again I ask, how dare you?

Todd Box
1 month ago
1 / 5

Used to love this place until they hired know it all youths

Patrick Coleman
5 months ago